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The Year My World Fell Apart | Featured Article by Bob Kauflin


Dear Friends,This week Desiring God featured an excellent blog-post by our very own Bob Kauflin. Several years ago, the Lord sustained Bob through a very dark season. Check out his story of God's grace and consider sending it on to someone who may need this gospel-centered perspective and encouragement....

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May She Be Beautiful and Strong | Featured Article by Carolyn Mahaney


This morning, Desiring God posted an article by Carolyn Mahaney called "May She Be Beautiful and Strong". Mothers, we pray that this will encourage you as you faithfully mother your daughters according to God's word and for his glory!...

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What Will Make Our Children Happy | Featured Article by Nicole Whitacre

This morning, Desiring God posted an article by Nicole Whitacre called "What Will Make Our Children Happy". Parents, we pray that this will encourage you as you shepherd your children's hearts for the glory of God!...

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Armed for Redeployment | Repost

"We came into the Pastors College as men wanting to serve God, and we leave the Pastors College as even morebuilt together as brothers in Christ, built more deeply into God's word, ready, willing and able to live out the calling that God has placed on our lives..." - Bill Berry Click here to read the whole poston the 2015-16 Pastor's College class over at the Sovereign Gr...

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T4G | Let's Remember to Pray

This week around 10,000 pastors and church leaders from around the world will gather in Louisville to celebrate the gospel and worship our Savior. Jason Briggs, one of our faithful community group leaders here at SGC Louisville, put together the following list of prayers that we can lift up on behalf of those attending, serving, and preaching at the event. ---------------...

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Simply Scripture | Think deeply on the gospel today

This post is a selection from the prophet Isaiah poetically describing the depths of Christ's sacrifice many years before the events took place. Allow this to fuel gratitude for the suffering Servant, our Lord Jesus Christ. ...

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The Cross and the Resurrection | Part V

With all the preaching and writing about the atonement that we see in  evangelicalism, isn’t there a danger that the resurrection will get lost? ...

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The Cross and the Resurrection | Part IV

In the book of Acts there seems to be a greater emphasis on Christ’s  resurrection than the cross. Shouldn’t we follow the early church’s example and  emphasize the resurrection over the cross? (Issue: Proportionality in biblical  interpretation) Interpreters of the book of Acts have long recognized the centrality ...

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The Cross and the Resurrection | Part III

It’s through union with Christ’s resurrection that we have been raised  to walk in new spiritual life. If we talk about the cross so much, won’t we end up  focusing only on sin and ignoring this important aspect of the Christian life?  Doesn’t a focus on the resurrection lead us to a more holy, victorious Ch...

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The Cross and the Resurrection | Part I

Sovereign Grace churches and leaders often use the phrase “cross-centered.” Doesn’t this phrase lead to an overemphasis on the cross and a neglect of the resurrection? (Issue: neglecting the resurrection). ...

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