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Sermon Quotes: "Bethlehem's Glory"

"It may be unpopular to trespass on popular images associated with Christ's birth and to debunk myths, but it is theologically dangerous to allow the account of his birth to be hijacked by fiction. Christmas fables lure us to seasonal sentimentalityThe sentimental Christmas may be popular as a religious holiday for some because it can come off as celebrating the birth of a...

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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Bethlehem's Promise"

Sermon Overview:Isaiah 42 is God's answer to the Israelites question of whether God cares for them. In thispassage, God announces the coming of the Servant that will save his people from their most serious captivity. God describes Jesus and his mission as one that embodies all that Israel failed to do and cares for those who are weak. God then addresses Jesus, promising th...

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Sermon Quotes: "Bethlehem's Promise"

"The Hebrew term includes more than the English word. It embraces putting into effect all of God's purposes." D.A. Carson "Already the element of suffering in the servant's experience, which finds fuller and fuller expression till it achieves dominance in the fourth song (52:13-53:12) is gently suggested in verse 4." Geoffrey Grogan...

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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Bethlehem's Backstory"

Sermon Overview: In this sermon, Jeff unpacked the cosmic reality of Christ being Lord over all creation. He began by showing that Christ is the pre-existing Son and Lord of all creation. Jesus ranks highest above all creation, having created it all. Second, Christ Jesus is the incarnate Savior, Lord over all redemption. Jesus makes His glory manifest in the context of th...

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