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Sermon Quotes: "The First Christians"

"Here was a crisis point in the history of the early church, for much depended on Barnabas's reaction, counsel, and report-not only at Antioch itself, but also at Jerusalem and in the later advance of the gospel through Paul's missions." Richard Longenecker "They must have taught about Christ, making sure that the converts knew both the facts and the significance of his l...

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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "The First Christians"

Overview of Sermon: The gospel spreads to the Gentile community at Antioch. Barnabas encourages the newly formed Antioch church to remain faithful and recruits Paul to teach them sound doctrine. The Antioch believers embrace partnership in the gospel by sending a contribution to the Jerusalem believers. Ultimately, the Antioch believers are the first to be called "Christi...

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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Cornelius Again?"

Overview of Sermon: The story of Peter's visit to the Gentiles preceded him in his return to the church inJudea, raising concerns with the law and ordinances of cleanliness practiced by the Jews. Peter tells the apostles of the evidence of God's grace upon the Gentiles in their baptism of the Holy Spirit. Their resistance to the inclusion of the Gentiles became unhindered...

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Sermon Quotes: "God's Surprise"

"Even though Peter has been taught personally by Jesus, has received the Spirit, has powerfully preached the gospel, and has performed miraculous signs in the name of Jesus, taking this next step in the kingdom challenges him to the core of his being. To be Jewish meant to follow strictly the code of what to eat and what to avoid. An entire chapter of Leviticus spells thes...

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Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Bridging the Impassible Gulf"

Sermon Summary: In this passage, the gospel finally comes to the Gentiles through Peter. The ancient wall that stood between the Jews and the gentiles has been demolished. Peter's heart is changed after seeing a vision from the Lord declaring all things clean. The invitation from Cornelius opens the door of the gospel to go beyond Judea and Samaria. Peter's acceptance of ...

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Sermon Quotes: "Bridging the Impassible Gulf"

"In this chapter we will explore how to read and preach the most prevalent genre in the Bible. Narrative is not the most important genre just because it is the most prevalent, but if you do not understand the basics of this genre, you will be greatly limited. Completely limited! For even the non-narrative parts of the Bible take their place within the overarching metanarra...

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