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Sermon Recap: The Invocation of Prayer

Wearing winter hats on our heads and swaddled in warm blankets, we devoted our attention to the world's most famous prayer. This prayer is intensely personal and the model for how we are supposed to approach God. There are six requests in this prayer: the first three relating to the advancement of God's glory and the last three addressing our daily needs. However, the focu...

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Sermon Quotes: "The Invocation of Prayer"

"The Lord's Prayer may be the single set of words spoken more often than any other in the history of the world. Jesus Christ gave it to us as the key to unlock all the riches of prayer. Yet it is an untapped resource, partly because it is so familiar." Tim Keller "When Jesus taught his disciples to pray in this fashion, he was addressing men who were already convinced of ...

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Moms2Moms Testimony | Hannah Bond

On Sunday, Hannah Bond shared a testimony about how the Lord has used the Moms2Moms ministry to serve and equip her as a young parent. Take a look! And moms, don't forget to sign-up for our next Moms2Moms event on Saturday! ...

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Sermon Quotes: "The Prohibitions of Prayer"

"I can think of nothing great that is also easy. Prayer must be, then, one of the hardest things in the worldIf you struggle greatly in this, you are not alone." Tim Keller "Interfere at any price and in any fashion when people start to pray, for real prayer is lethal to our cause." C.S. Lewis, Screwtape Letters "When we wake up in the morning we should immediately remin...

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Sermon Quotes: "New Year, New Mercies"

"It should be the subject of grateful admiration that the great God allows himself to be compared to anything which will set forth his great love and care for his own people." Charles Spurgeon "It is precisely in the commonplace and familiar scenes of life where we see our Savior's constant provision. We love him because He does not just meet us in the critical times but ...

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Pursuing God's Word | Resources for Reading Scripture in 2020

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Beginning a new year presents us with an opportunity to freshly appreciate the treasure God has given us in the Scriptures, and to renew our devoted pursuit of God through his Word. Here are some suggested resources to encourage you in that great pursuit. Scripture Reading Plans Many things go undone because of the absence of a planand there is no shortage of plans for...

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