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Sermon Recap | Amnesia & Deja Vu


Immediately following their deliverance from the bonds of slavery, the Lord institutes the annual observance of the Passover Meal; a night to remember God's faithful protection over the people of Israel. As CJ has noted throughout this series, the Passover Meal and the Feast of Unleavened Bread was to be a sign for all future generations, forever reminding God's people o...

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Sermon Quotes: "Amnesia and Deja Vu"

"Paul calls attention to the unstoppable, spreading, disastrous influence on the nature and identity of the whole community which is out of all proportion to what those who were self-satisfied evidently imagined could spring from a "little" case of one immoral relationship, even if one of an utterly outrageous nature. Paul feared contamination of the whole community." Anth...

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Sermon Quotes: "A Night Like No Other"

"God paid special attention to his people that night, and in response his people of all future generations were expected to pay special attention to him on its anniversary." Douglas Stuart "This section ends by noting that this departure night is not a night on which the Hebrews exercise great bravado. Rather it ends by focusing on the Lord of the Hebrews." Victor Hamilto...

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Sermon Quotes: "An Unforgettable Feast"

"Why such an emphasis on commemoration? Because what is not carefully remembered by a community is very naturally and easily forgotten-and virtually completely forgotten as soon as the oldest members of that community who experienced the original event die." Douglas Stuart "Not even the huge novelty of actually, at long last, setting foot in the Promised Land could replac...

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Sermon Quotes: "The Passover: A Gospel Preview"

"In a way, these instructions must be terrifying to the people of Israel. God tells his people that the angel of death is going to pass through their midst, and the only way their firstborn will be saved is if they kill a lamb and put its blood prominently on their doorposts. Do you see what God is teaching his people here? First, he wants them to understand that they them...

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Sermon Quotes: "An Echo of Exodus for the New Year"

"New Years finds me employed. I compare it to a hill on a road, from the top of which I endeavor to look back on the way that the Lord has led me thus far through the wilderness (past). I look around to contemplate the difference his goodness has made between my situation, and that of thousands of my fellow creatures (present). I then look forward, and perceive that I am d...

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Read With Us | Bible in a Year

Bible in a Year

Happy New Year, SGCL!I want to invite (or challenge) you to join us in reading through the Bible in 2019. What?! It's such a big book. I will have to read Numbers! I know, there are plenty of reasons people get bogged down. But most of these reasons are easily overcome. If you haven't read through the Bible, or haven't in a while, I want to encourage you to consider joini...

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