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Testimony | Becca Stephenson

On July 23, 2015, Wade Stephenson passed away after a fatal car crash. He was an SGCL member, a community group leader, a friend, husband, and father. Last Sunday, his wife Becca shared a moving testimony of how God's faithfulness has sustained her and her family over the months since that tragedy. Click here for a PDF transcript of the testimony. Becca Stephenson Test...

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Weekly Devotion | The Lord of Psalm 23

This devotional is based on Brian Chesemore's sermon, The Lord of Psalm 23, given on January 19, 2016. Day 1: God's Faithfulness to Restore | Psalm 23:1-3a Quotes/References: "The unwavering faithfulness of the Lord calls for my absolute trust in him. To reflect deeply on the faithfulness of the Lord in this Psalm challenges us to be like David and gain a personal t...

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Testimony | Jairo Namnun

Jairo Namnun shares his testimony as he and his wife Patricia prepare to return to the Dominican Republic. They have been dear members and friends at SGCL and will be greatly missed. Jairo Namnun | Testimony from SGCLouisville on Vimeo....

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Sermon Quotes: "Numbering Our Days in 2016"

"This community lament has some unspecified disaster as its background." ESV Study Bible "It was composed on one of the occasions when the people of God were being struck dead as a judgment on their sin." Eric Lane "He alone is self-existent. God is the only one who can say, 'I am who I am.' The grand difference between a human being and a Supreme being is precisely this...

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Significant Books for Pastors in 2015

A few years ago I wrote a post that has become a habitcollecting a list of "significant books" for pastors published during the past year. A wealth of books and the crunch of time conspire to make reading choices both frustrating (how does one choose?) and critical (I must choose wisely). "Best books" lists are unavoidably idiosyncratichence an effort at recommending "sig...

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Sermon Quotes: "James' Take on Job"

"About 95 percent of the book of Job is poetry. Chapters 1,2 and part of chapter 42 are prose. Almost all the rest is poetry. But so what? Well, poetry does not speak to us in the same way as prose. Poems 'are always a personal take on something, communicating not just from the head to head but from heart to heart' (J.I. Packer). A poet can often touch us, move us, and uns...

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