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What Not to Ask Someone Suffering | from Desiring God

In his sermon on Sunday, C.J. referrenced an article by Nancy Guthrie titled,What Not to Ask Someone Suffereing. In it, Nancy gives some extremely helpful thoughts on what to say and not say when caring for someone who is suffereing. Here's a link to the full article on the Desiring Godwebsite. We pray that this article will serve our church as we seek to honor the Lord a...

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Sermon Summary | "The Final Chapter"

What about 16:9 20? What is textual criticism? Textual criticism: the science of studying all the known copies of a document to discover what the original said. A science that clearly shows God's generosity to us in preserving his word. Far more manuscripts exist of the NT than of Tacitus (3 manuscripts) and Josephus (120 manuscripts), and the manuscripts of the NT ...

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Greetings from Toronto!

Greetings from Toronto! We just completed our second day of music camp with 37 kids from the area. Each day we are teaching A different musical genre along with a corresponding biblical theme. Yesterday was world music with the theme of God as creator. Today was was country music and the appropriate theme of the fallenness of this world. Michael Granger and Matt Gray pro...

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Thinking about Muslims During Ramadan

We are currently 25 days into the month of Ramadan...

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Pray for Toronto

Requesting your Prayerful Support Tomorrow morning at 6:30am, about a dozen SGCL members will be departing for Toronto to serve Sovereign Grace Church of Toronto for the week. What will we be doing? The members of SGCT have organized a music camp as a means to serve the community and reach out evangelistically. So each day from Monday through Friday we will introduce a ...

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Matt Gray | Why the Pastors College?

In a few months, our church will have the privilege of sending 7 men to the Sovereign Grace Pastors College. This past Sunday, Matt Gray shared about why he is excited to attend the PC this Fall. Please join us in praying for Matt and his wife Sara as they prepare and fundraise for this opportunity. Matt Gray Testimony from SGCLouisville on Vimeo....

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Biblical Productivity | In All Thy Ways

In All Thy Ways My tendency is to charge into the day intent on getting stuff done, attacking my to‐do list motivated by self sufficiency rather than by humble dependence upon the grace of God revealed in the gospel. And given the active presence of pride and self‐sufficiency in my life, it is imperative for me at the outset of each day to devote time to humbling mys...

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Chad Hester | Why the Pastors College?

Over the past few months, we have heard from several of the men that our church will be sending to the Sovereign Grace Pastors College in the Fall. A few weeks ago, Chad Hester shared his testimony with the church. Please join us in praying for Chad and his wife Casey as they raise funds and prepare for the upcoming PC. Chad Hester Testimony from SGCLouisville on Vimeo....

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