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Sermon Quotes: "Meet Elihu"

"The artistic skill of the author of these chapters in sustaining the tension in Job, and also in preparing us carefully for the final word from the Lord, is unsurpassed." David Atkinson "We have heard Job's passionate last stand. We are waiting for the Lord. These chapters give us space between Job and Yahweh. They illustrate, just by being there, that Yahweh is not forc...

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Meet Our Deacons | Mark Donovan

Earlier this year, we had the privilege of installing 7 deacons in our church. These men have already served SGCL in a multitude of ways and have given much time, energy, and thought to how they can continue to serve in the future. Over the past few months, each one of them has been sharing the testimony of how the Lord saved them. Mark Donovan Testimony from SGCLouisvi...

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Weekly Devotion 7 | Job's Final Stand | Job 29-31

This devotional is based on Jeff Purswell's sermon, Job's Final Stand, given on November 15, 2015. For a PDF version, click here. Day 1: "When will we get there?" Read Job 29 Quotes/References: "The prolonged lament and grief in the book of Job is not wasted manuscript. It's a compassionate reflection for people whose own suffering is also prolonged, whose own suffe...

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Sermon Summary and Discussion Questions | "When God Doesn't Answer Your Why Question"

Introduction CJ begins by recapping how far we have come in Job. In short: Job's suffering Job's "why question" Job's friends' accusatory (wrong) explanation for his suffering and Job's disagreement Chapter 28 interrupts the arguments between Job and his friends. It effectively ends the ongoing debate between them and allows the author to address Job's (and our) "...

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Weekly Devotion 6 | When God Doesn't Answer Your "Why" Question | Job 28

This devotional is based on CJ Mahaney's sermon, When God Doesn't Answer Your "Why" Question, given on November 8, 2015. For a PDF version, click here. Day 1: Human Futility Quotes/References: Elmer Smick sets the context for this chapter: "Since the dialogue has reached an impasse, the author now makes his own comment on the powerlessness of man's effort to penetra...

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Sermon Quotes: "When God Doesn't Answer Your Why Question"

"This is not the question of the armchair religious or philosophical dilettante, enjoying a stimulating debate. This is the agonized question of the wheelchair sufferer who feels he or she desperately needs an answer. In chapter 28 we stand back from the pain and the debates to ask why God will not answer the question, 'Why?'" Christopher Ash "The debate is done. Nothing ...

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Weekly Devotion 5 | The Protest of Job | Job 21

This devotional is based on CJ Mahaney's sermon, The Protest of Job, given on October 18, 2015. For a PDF version, click here. Day 1: Long Suffering Quotes/References: Christopher Ash: "Job is forty two chapters long. We may consider that rather an obvious observation.. But the point is this: in his wisdom God has given us a very long book, and he has done so for a ...

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