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Sermon Quotes: "The Protest of Job"

"Job is forty two chapters long. We may consider that rather an obvious observation... But the point is this: in his wisdom God has given us a very long book, and he has done so for a reason. It is easy just to read or preach the beginning and the end and to skip rather quickly over the endless arguments in between as if it wouldn't much mater if they weren't there. Far fr...

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Weekly Devotion 4 | The Wrestling of Job | Job 19

This devotional is based on Jeff Purswell's sermon, The Wrestling of Job, given on October 11, 2015. For a PDF version, click here. Day 1: Job's Perseverance Quotes/References: Jeff quote: "The book of Job shows us that times of suffering are to be expected, it shows us that such times are normal even for believers in a in a fallen world." Jeff quote: "Wrestling a...

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3rd Anniversary Sunday

Here's a glimpse our 3rd anniversary celebration! 3rd Anniversary Sunday from SGCLouisville on Vimeo....

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Sermon Summary and Discussion Questions | "The Wrestling of Job: Part 1"

Introduction Cyclical Discussions From chapters 4 to 19, the book of Job has been a series of three cyclical discussions between Job and his friends; each cycle has the same theology. His friends come with rigid, cold, cause-and-effect theologyyou do good, you prosper; you do bad, you suffer. In reality, a man's relationship with God cannot be determined by his circum...

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Devotionals on the Book of Job

Several weeks ago, we began a series on the book of Job. In conjunction with the study of this book on Sunday mornings, we also want to provide you with an additional resource for studying Job. To that end, we have created short devotionals to supplement the Sunday teaching. Our prayer is that these will serve and equip you as you study personally or as you walk your famil...

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Reflecting on 3 Years of God's Faithfulness

On Sunday we had the privilege of celebrating our 3rd anniversary as a church! Here's a small taste of everything that the Lord has done in our church over the past year. SGCL 3rd Anniversary Video from SGCLouisville on Vimeo....

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Sermon Summary and Discussion Questions | "The Friends of Job"

Summary: CJ began by recapping Job 1-3. He highlighted Job's vividly described agony and explained how Job should humble us when we find ourselves complaining. Job's lament captures his fear that the worst has come to fruitionGod has abandoned him. But despite all of Job's suffering to this point, the worst may be yet to come. Satan slithers away and Job's closest compani...

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Sermon Quotes: "The Friends of Job"

"We might think the testing of Job is over. But alas, there is one final test, perhaps the toughest. Satan slithers away, while Job's closet companions cozy up." Douglas O' Connell "These friends came unto him under pretense of consolation, and yet they tormented him more than did all his sufferings." 1560 Geneva Bible "The theology that underlies all three friends is ve...

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The Gospel at Work | Jeff Purswell | October Sunday Class

Last Sunday, Jeff Purswell taught the first session of our October Sunday Class, The Gospel at Work. In this teaching, Jeff introduced the idea that scripture's perspective transforms our view of work from a necessary evil into a noble, attractive, motivating opportunity to bring God glory in our lives. He continued by stressing that work is a primary way that we imitate G...

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3 Years of God's Faithfulness | Part 4

Last year we celebrated our 2nd church anniversary with food, games, fellowship, and lots of laughter. This Sunday, we will gather together to rejoice in 3 years of God's faithfulness to us! What a joy to look back at what the Lord has done and look forward with aniticpation to all that He will accomplish in the year to come. Celebrating 2 Years of God's Faithfulness fr...

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3 Years of God's Faithfulness | Part 3

In November 2013, Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville held its first New Members Sunday and welcomed 94 members. It was yet another glimpse of God's kindness and generosity to us. Take a look... New Members Sunday | November 3, 2013 from SGCLouisville on Vimeo....

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