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Sermon Summary | "Persevering in the Pandemic"

In his sermon on James 1:2-4, CJ highlighted the reality of trials, their divinely designed purpose, and our God-glorifying response. Trials are an inevitable part of life, but rightly understood, they are meant to test our faith and to produce steadfastness. God is present in our trials, and He is "getting work done." CJ encouraged us to let our trials have their full eff...

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Holy Week Resources

In the busy-ness of the events, changes, and trials of quarantine life, it could be easy to let Easter sneak up on us without much thought, preparation, or meditation. Despite its centrality, we can sometimes treat it as an afterthought or just another Sunday. However, the events we remember during the Easter season are of pre-eminent importance for the Christian (I Corint...

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Sermon Quotes: "Persevering in the Pandemic"

"By placing trials in this position of prominence in the letter, James suggests that the tough times the believers were facing were a key reason for his writing to them." Doug Moo "Profound good in our lives often emerges in a crucible of significant sufferingThe endurance of faith is one of the Spirit's finest fruits-and you only learn to endure when you must live throug...

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To Stream, or Not to Stream? | Jeff Purswell

Streaming featured

Over the past few weeks, our pastors have spent many hours in prayer and discussion about how to best serve our congregation during this time of social distancing. Shortly after we streamed our first service, Jeff Purswell wrote a blogpost for Sovereign Grace Churches titled: "To Stream, or Not to Stream: Considering Sundays in Seclusion". In it, he explains our pastors de...

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Day of Prayer for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare pros featured

As we all know, the growing number of confirmed COVID-19 cases throughout the world is putting significant demand on the healthcare professionals caring for the sick. We are grateful for these men and women who are working on the front lines to serve those most in need. Mark Prater, the director of Sovereign Grace Churches, has invited all of us to join together tomorrow (...

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Virtual Sunday Class | Commissioned Session 3

Commissioned featured

Join us for session 3 of our virutal Sunday Class! This week, Andrew Maples teaches us on the topic of developing a heart for evangelism. You can find the outline for this class here and all previous classes and outlines here! ...

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Praying Together | 3.31

Four Prayers for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication: Praise our sovereign God and King who is worthy of our worship and honor (Job 1:20-21). Confess our frailty and sin, and recognize our need for Christ our mediator to bridge the gap to our God (1 Timothy 2:5). In keeping with CJ's sermon on Habakkuk, thank God that our greatest joy is fo...

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Sermon Quotes: "The Boys in the Boat"

3.29.20 featured

"This book was born on a cold, drizzly, late spring day when I clambered over the split rail cedar fence that surrounds my pasture and made my way through wet woods to the modest frame house where Joe Rantz lay dying....I knew only two things about Joe when I knocked on his daughter Judy's door that day. I knew that in his mid-seventies he had single handedly hauled a numb...

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Thoughts from Isaiah | Jeff Purswell

This week during our livestream, Jeff encouraged us from Isaiah 26:3-4. Listen again and be encouraged by "the bedrock claim that God is a rockunmovable, unchanging, undaunted in His zeal to accomplish all His purposes." ...

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Sermon Summary: "The Boys in the Boat"

Overview of Sermon: This passage begins by showing Jesus' kindness and intention to never mislead the twelve regarding his true messianic mission, and so hurried them into the boat. While Jesus stayed behind to dismiss the crowd and spend time in prayer, the disciples hit a great headwind while rowing to the other side of the Sea of Galilee. As the gale began to cause the...

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