How much are we aiming to raise?
Our target in the first phase is to reach $800,000. When we launched the Building Fund on November 3, 2019 we had (in round numbers) $200,000 in the Building Fund, so we are looking for another $600,000.

How long will the Building Fund last?
Our plan is in two stages. The first stage is to raise funds to purchase land, and we hope to raise the necessary $800,000 in 2 years. We will then have a break (perhaps one year) and the second phase will be to raise funds for the building itself. The dollar amount and time frame will be determined through consultations during the one year break.

Why did you ask for pledges
We are already actively looking for land and we may find something before we have raised enough to pay for it outright. In applying for a loan, we will not only need to provide our financial records, but also project future income—showing what has been pledged by members will help this process. 

What if I made a pledge and my circumstances change?
Both individual members and the church leadership trust God for the future, including in the area of finances. If your situation changes and you are no longer able to give the amount pledged, the church will not hold it against you!  Please contact Mark Donovan (mdonovan@sgclouisville.org) to discuss adjusting it. This could, of course, also apply if you your situation changes for the better and God enables you to give more.

I didn't make a pledgecan I still give?
Yes. You can fill in a pledge form (available at the Welcome Table on Sunday mornings), place your gift in the Sunday offering or mail it to the church office, marked “Building Fund,” or give through Elexio.



Why do we need a church building?
For the life of our church (7 years), we have rented a meeting place every Sunday morning. We have moved location a number of times, so a building of our own would provide stability, visibility, and credibility. The rent at each location has been about the same—$2,000 per week; that’s over $100,000 a year that we would rather invest in our own property. Additionally, we would have a building 24/7 to better serve our church and our community. A facility would facilitate ministry.

Where will the building be?
The general area we are looking at is the east side of Louisville, close to interstates for quick and easy access.

What size building are we likely to have?
The hope is to have a building with an auditorium that will seat up to 800 people, plus classrooms, offices, etc.. With the requisite number of parking spaces, this requires a minimum of 10 acres of land.

Why not rent or build a smaller building and have two meetings?
Besides the logistical challenges, so much is lost when the church is not all together at one time: worshipping together, hearing the sermon together, responding to the Spirit’s work together, and fellowshipping together. While it may be necessary for a season, it is not the preference of the pastors.

Why not buy an existing building?
Our realtor has been looking for a facility to rent or buy for several years without success. We are still open to this option if something viable arises before we purchase land.

Will Sovereign Grace Churches (central) share the building?
Sovereign Grace Churches are leasing the offices at Plainview, renting some of the space to the church. This lease expires in 2022 and so, if the timing works out, there is the possibility of sharing space and costs.

If there are other questions that you think could be included on this page, please let us know: info@sgclouisville.org