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Faithfulness in a Fractured World

In addition to C.J.’s recent sermon series, Faithfulness in a Fractured World, below are resources that our pastors commend to you. 


Mission of the Church

This book provides clarity on how the church is to view its mission in the world.

The highest call for Christians, in this or any other moment, is to love. This book is an inspiring, provoking reflection on Christian love as exhibited in 1 Corinthians 13.


This article introduces the discipline of “critical race theory” (CRT) and how it informs so much of our culture’s views on identity, race, sexuality, etc.

This four part series provides a more detailed treatment and critique of critical race theory.

This article succinctly traces the genealogy of CRT (esp examining “cultural Marxism,”) and at the end also offers some wise comments for Christians. 

Discernment for our Current Moment

This post, written by an African American scholar, critiques a book that has gained much popularity in our culture, and even among some evangelicals.