Our Sunday Service Livestream begins at 10:30 EST on our YouTube Channel!

If you'd like to join us for our in-person service, please check here for more details.

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COVID-19 Sunday Guidelines

Before You Come

  • Temperature: If possible, please take your temperature before leaving for church. If you are close to or above 100 degrees, please stay home. In addition, if you are experiencing any respiratory symptoms, please stay home.
  • Masks: These are required for everyone over 2 years old. Please ensure that you bring masks for everyone in your family. 
  • Bathrooms: We’re only allowed to have one person in the entire bathroom at a time. If you have kids, please encourage them to use the restroom before you arrive.

When You Arrive

  • Social Distancing: Please ensure 6ft social distancing as you enter and exit the building.
  • Masks: Please wear your mask from the time you exit your car to the time you are back in your car.
  • Seating: We will have chairs arranged in rows that are 6ft apart. Please ensure that your family unit sits with three chairs separating you from any other family unit.

Through the Meeting

  • Kids: Unfortunately we are not allowed to provide any SGKids classes during this season. Because of this and to help ensure social distancing, parents please keep your kids with you at all times. 
  • Nursing Moms: We will have a private room available for you to feed your infant. However due to restrictions, we won’t be able to provide any volunteers, snacks, or supplies. We’ll also need you to maintain social distancing from others and use this room only while nursing. 
  • Singing: We know that singing in a mask isn’t ideal, but the Marriott has asked us to wear them throughout the entire service.
  • Bathrooms: State guidelines require us to only allow one person (or one family unit) into a bathroom at a time. We will have “Vacant/Occupied” signs on the outside of the door. If the bathroom is occupied, please wait outside until the bathroom is empty. When using the bathroom, please use the provided wipes to clean any surfaces that you have touched.

When You Leave

  • After the meeting, please either stay in your seat and talk with others around you from your 6ft distance, or proceed outside and fellowship there. However, even once you have left the building, state requirements for these types of gatherings still remain in effect. Please continue to wear your mask and practice social distancing requirements until you are back in your car to return home. 

Miscellaneous Details

  • Sickness: If at any time you begin to develop COVID symptoms and/or test positive and have recently attended a church service, please contact the church office as soon as possible. This will allow us to contact others who attended the same service
  • At-Risk Populations: If you are elderly, immunocompromised, or have underlying health conditions, we want to serve and care for you during this time which includes encouraging you not to attend in-person services. Please let us know if you are in this category so that we can serve you in other ways. 
  • Livestream: In order to serve our “at-risk” members as well as those who won’t be able to attend the service because of limited capacity, we will continue to livestream our services for the foreseeable future.