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Sunday Sermon Quotes: "A Question that Answers a Question"

“The temple in Jerusalem, in all it’s Herodian immensity and grandeur with its commanding view of Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives and its unrivaled historical and theological significance, becomes the inevitable stage for the challenge to Jesus authority. The characteristic of Jesus that left the most lasting impression on his followers and caused the greatest offense to his opponents was his authority, his sovereign freedom and magisterial authority.” James Edwards

“Such authority, presumably, could derive only from God, and yet for Jesus to attribute his authority to God could lead to the charge of blasphemy. Jesus presumption to speak and act in the place of God is again at center stage.” James Edwards

“The question of who has God’s authority as God’s representative is at the center of this episode.” Mark Strauss

“Ironically, the authority of the Son is what leads to his death. The religious leaders feel threatened by him and so take action against him. This is no tragedy, however, but is precisely what he has been sent by the Father to accomplish. It is as the authoritative Son of Man that Jesus has come to give his life as a ransom for many (10:45).” Mark Strauss

“The authority of Jesus is astonishing not as a display of Jesus grandeur but as a power of redemption for captives.” James Edwards