10 Ways to Live Evangelistically

Andrew Wilson with NewFrontiers wrote a post recently about "10 Simple Ways to Live Evangelistically." After Mack's message to us yesterday, we decided to adapt this post for our purposes. Here are some suggested ways to live with evangelistic intent:

1. Eat with other people

We all eat three meals a day. That’s 21 opportunities for church and mission each week without adding anything new to your schedule. And meals are a powerful expression of welcome and community.

2. Work in public places

Hold meetings, prepare talks, and read in public spaces like cafés, stores and parks. It will naturally help you engage with the culture. For example, whose questions do you want to address in your Bible studies, those of professional exegetes or those of the culture?

3. Be a regular

Adopt a local café, restaurant, park,
and shop so you regularly visit and become known as a local. Imagine if everyone in your gospel community did this!

4. Leave the house in the evenings

It’s so easy after a long day on a dark evening to slump in front of the television or surf the Internet. Get out! Visit a friend. Take a cake to a neighbor. Attend a local group. Go to the cinema. Hang out in a café. Go for a walk with a friend. It doesn’t matter where as long as you go with gospel intentionality.

5. Serve your neighbors

Weed a neighbor’s garden. Help someone move. Put up a shelf. Volunteer with a local group. It could be one evening a week or one day a month. Try to do it with other members of your gospel community so it becomes a common project. Then people will see your love for one another and it will be easier to talk about Jesus.

6. Share your passion

What do you enjoy? Find a local group that shares your passion. Be missional and have fun 
at the same time!

7. Ask Questions

Asking questions about what people in your community believe, whether in the form of a questionnaire, a quick survey, a poll on your next preaching series or a brief conversation, can open all sorts of doors, as well as informing you what sort of beliefs you ought to be engaging with.

8. Friendly Evangelism

Even if you can’t do “friendship evangelism”, you can do “friendly evangelism”, which is basically being nice to people in ordinary contexts - shops, streets, commercial interactions, and so on - and seeing where it goes.

9. Sunday Mornings

Go and talk to people in your welcome area/visitor cafe on a Sunday morning, and ask them how they found things.

10. Social Media

If you use social media, use it deliberately - use your tweets, Facebook friendships, status updates and links to things wisely, humorously and thoughtfully.